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Opinion | Masood Azhar and China veto: What PM Modi can do now

NEW DELHI Masood Azhar is a dangerous name. A global terrorist of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM) under the UN Resolution 1267. The proposal to list Azhar was initiated by the US and the UK among other members of the UN Security Council. But China has once again disturbed the whole process, making it the fourth time in the last few years that China put …

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Opinion | Jammu and Kashmir political parties promise heaven to remain relevant as polls draw close

SRINAGAR As elections to the Lok Sabha and the state assembly are likely to be held by March this year in Jammu and Kashmir, political parties are engaged in hectic efforts to attract voters — like making promises of employment, development, regional autonomy, corruption free governance and accountability. State governor, Satya Pal Malik and Union …

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Opinion | Kashmir’s mahagathbandhan depends on Mehbooba, Omar

There has been an element of unseemly haste and even recklessness in some of the recent acts of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Such hurried initiatives have been seen in its impetuous bid to start the construction of the Ram temple as soon as possible and now in the peremptory dissolution of the Jammu and Kashmir assembly. …

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OP-ED | Ban of Muharram processions shining example of ‘religious freedom’ in Kashmir

BY SYED KARAR HASHMI The state-imposed ban on Ashura processions in Kashmir since the rise of insurgency in the valley during the early 1990s, exposes the lack of strategy and political will to grant “constitutionally-guaranteed” religious freedom to Shi’ite Muslims in Kashmir. In the heart of state capital Srinagar, the processions …

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Opinion | Atal Bihari Vajpayee: The best prime minister the Congress never had

Aaney wali naslein hum par Fakhr kareingi, hum asaro, Jub unko yeh khayalaayega Humney Atal ko dekha thaa (By way of poetic license I have replaced Firaq with Atal) “Coming generations will remember us with awe, When it dawns on them that we had actually seen Atal Bihari Vajpayee” I can claim a little more. I knew him. I …

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Why Trump’s ‘Arab NATO’ plan won’t curb Iran

By Maysam Behravesh The first round of what U.S. President Donald Trump called “the most biting sanctions ever imposed” against Tehran went into effect on August 7. “Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States,” Trump continued, in a tweet posted that morning. An even more damaging …

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Opinion | Who’s afraid of Imran Khan’s Pakistan? Almost everyone.

On Friday evening I drove back home to Islamabad after covering Pakistan’s July 25 general elections from the eastern city of Lahore. As I fumbled in my purse for my keys, the front door rattled and I heard footsteps on the other side. “Madam, is someone else home?” my driver, Shaukat, asked. …

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Opinion | For political parties, Kashmir conflict is a profitable business as ‘Aam Aadmi’ suffers

After all the talk by successive regimes, nothing concrete has been done for the common Kashmiri as he is left to his own devices by political representatives whose only goal is to acquire that every so precious chair and the power and money that comes bundled with it. Politicians have …

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Amid uncertain political landscape, rumors travelling faster than news in Jammu and Kashmir

SRINAGAR There is a new twist to Kashmir’s political tale indicating that perhaps, once again, rumours could be travelling ahead of the real news in Jammu and Kashmir. The political grapevine is once again agog that a “democratic government” would soon be formed in the state by expedient politicians resorting to …

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