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Bulandshahr violence: BJP “eulogising” cop killers in UP, calling them “terrorists” in Kashmir, says Omar


Hitting out at the ruling BJP in Uttar Pradesh after the video of killing Inspector Subodh Kumar by a crazed mob in Bulandshahr went viral, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, said that cop killers are “eulogised” as heroes by the BJP in UP while the same called “terrorists” in Kashmir.

“In Kashmir people who kill cops & snatch weapons are called terrorists. In UP the ruling party will fete & eulogize these killers as heroes,” Omar wrote on twitter attaching a news article detailing the brutal killing Inspector Subodh.

A bone-chilling video of Bulandshahr violence has emerged online showing a wild mob running amok on the street while chanting “maaro, maaro” (attack) revealing new details into the gruesome killing of Inspector Subodh Kumar who was shot dead allegedly by a Bajrang Dal activist during the mob attack.

In the video, Sumit, 20, a local youth who was also killed in the violence, is seen with a chest wound, but does not appear to be a bystander as has been reported so far and as his family claims. Sumit is seen in the video as part of the mob throwing stones at the police.

The three-minute mobile phone video also shows Subodh Kumar lying motionless in a field.

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