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Kashmir is in crisis of compassion: Filmmaker Ashvin Kumar


National Award-winning filmmaker Ashvin Kumar, who is gearing up for the release of his film “No Fathers in Kashmir”, says the crisis in Kashmir needs compassion more than a political solution.

Is not offering a political solution to the people of Kashmir to resolve the conflict a part of politics?

“Kashmir is in a crisis of compassion at this moment. We have friends from everywhere – Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, Kerala…but how many friends do we have form Kashmir? We do not know much about Kashmiris and that is the problem.

“We are missing on people to people interaction,” Ashvin replied to a question by IANS during the trailer launch of his film on Tuesday.

“It is our problem that we do not know what is going on over there…until the ordinary people interact with the ordinary Kashmiris, the problem will continue. It is only when people will start demanding to change politics through their elected representatives.

There is one more problem.

“None of the MPs and MLAs have a Kashmir policy apart from sending more armed forces. And they are also there, standing on the battlefield, getting bombed, facing stone pelting etc. So where is the politics?”

“There is no involvement of people in the policy, it is only the bureaucrats pushing pieces of paper from one to another side of the table.”

The trailer launch was also attended by the film’s actors – Soni Razdan and Anshuman Jha. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt was also at the venue to support the film, which is slated to release on April 5.


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