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Ashra Muharram in Kashmir– 7th Muharram

The last three days are wherein the AZADARI (mourning) of the Prophet’s (s) beloved grandson Hazrat Imam Hussain (s) and faithful companions reaches it’s ‘climax’.

As such, hundreds of mourning processions (JULOOS E AZA) were taken out across the Valley of Kashmir, Thursday, in almost all the districts and parts of Srinagar city wherein thousands of mourners (AZADAR) including men, women and children participated with utmost devotion and paid homage to the martyrs of Karbala.

In the summer capital Srinagar, the traditional ALAM procession was taken out from the hamlet of BOTRAJAS inside old walled HARIPARBAT area in the afternoon.

The historic mourning procession, ALAM-E-BABUL HAWAIJ (as) was started centuries ago by Botarajas, who came to Kashmir from Baltistan and settled at Androon, Kathidarwaza in old city Srinagar

Thousands of mourners thronged the Rainawari, Baadamwari and Hassanabad area as the grand procession culminated at Imambara Hassanabad during evening hours.

A large Alam procession was taken out from Madina Sahib area in old city Srinagar which passed through Mohalla Syed Afzal and later culminated at Imambara Zadibal during evening hours.

Majestic processions were taken out on the outskirts of Srinagar city in Khoshipora in the morning and concluded at Imambara Khoshipora in the evening. The procession witnessed a large gathering of devotees.

A large procession was also taken out from the shrine of Hazrat syed Qasim (r).

Reports of juloos-e-aza also came in from Batpora in Khansahib sub-division and Iskanderpora in Budgam district, Athoora Payeen and Delina in Baramulla and Malikpora in Sonawari.

In Pattan area, JULOOS E AZA was brought out from Yakmanpora wherein thousands participated.

Processions of Alam-e-Hazrat Abul Fazl Abbas (as) were brought out from Kirpalpora and Rambal villages in north Kashmir’s Pattan.

In Srinagar, adjacent to world famous Mughal garden Shalimar, a massive procession was taken out from Kralpora in Hawal.

The procession which witnessed a massive gathering of mourners including men women and children, later culminated at Khankah Mir Shamsuddin Iraqi (ra) during evening hours.

Prior to the day long processions, in and outside Srinagar, a grand MAJLIS E HUSSAINI was held on the SHAB (the night before) of 7th Muharram.

It was on the 7th  of Muharram in 61 Hijri that Yazid’s forces denied the Hussaini camp access to water by blocking all routes leading to the only source of water in the harsh desert of Karbala, the FURAAT (Euphrates). Historians unanimously believe that the martyrs and as a matter of fact all the members of Hussain’s camp were left thirsty for 3 consecutive days, not even a single drop of water was available, hence the martyrs of Karbala fought and were martyred with parched throats and lips.

Meanwhile, in district Anantnag ALAM procession was taken out at 9:am from Sofipora, Pahalgam that culminated in the evening at Imambara, Sofipora.

In Central Kashmir,s District Badgam, two traditional mourning processions were taken out, the first was from Patwaav that concluded in Imambara Budgam after travelling a long distance on the Jwalapora-Shogpora-Budgam road and accompanied by thousands of mourners.

The second one was taken out from Karipora area in Budgam adjacent to the Deputy Commissioner’s office and reached Imambara Budgam via Aga Sahib road.

Reports of mourning processions came in from across all the three regions of the state as processions were taken out in numerous villages, hamlets, towns and even in small communities.

In winter capital Jammu, a huge mourning procession—Alam-e-Hazrat Abbas Alamdar-e-Karbala—started from Karbala complex in Khatikan Talab in main city and later culminated Imambara Pir Mitha in the evening.

Harmukh News received reports of Azadari processions from all three regions of the state including some in far-flung areas of Ladakh, Poonch, Rajouri and Chanderkoot in Ramban on the Srinagar-Jammu highway among others.

Echoes of thousands of mourners could be heard in all local and central Imambaras and Azakhanas across the state as night-long Majaliss are being organized.

Ulemas addressed huge gathering of mourners, in all central Imabaras of Kashmir including the three historic Imambaras in Zadibal, Hassanabad and Budgam.

The Majaliss will continue till dawn prayers.

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