Monday , May 28 2018
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‘Less threat of Nipah virus in other parts of country’

NEW DELHI Nipah virus (NiV), that has claimed three lives in Kerala’s Kozhikode district, poses no threat in other parts of the country and there is no need to panic as it is just another viral infection, said a senior doctor here on Monday. “Nipah virus is just another viral infection which affects the respiratory and central nervous systems with …

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Doctors remove part of liver laparoscopically from Iraqi woman in a possible first in India

NEW DELHI In a what is being claimed as a first in India, doctors at a Delhi hospital laparoscopically removed a part of the liver of a 23-year-old Iraqi woman, who donated the part to her ailing son after a 10-hour procedure. The procedure hepatectomy, a surgical resection (removal of all or …

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Operative workshop on ‘Rhinoplasty and basics of ENT’ held at Police Hospital Srinagar

SRINGAR Police Hospital Srinagar in collaboration with Directorate Health Services Kashmir (DHSK) under the Aegis of CMERA (Continuous Medical Education and Research Association), Saturday, organized a day long Operative Workshop on Rhinoplasty & Basics of ENT. During the workshop held at Police Hospital Srinagar Auditorium, live surgeries were conducted in …

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Scientists identify new human ‘organ’ that protects vital tissues

NEW YORK Scientists have identified a new human ‘organ’ consisting of a network of fluid-filled compartments that act like shock absorbers and protects tissues of vital organs from tearing. The findings, published in the journal Scientific Reports, has implications for the function of all organs, most tissues and the mechanisms of most …

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World Tuberculosis Day observed across Kashmir

BUDGAM To raise public awareness about the health, social and economic consequences of tuberculosis, various awareness programmes were held across the division to mark the World Tuberculosis Day-2018. The theme for observing the Day worldwide was ‘Wanted Leaders for a TB-Free world- you can make history- End TB’. At Srinagar, …

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